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Until now, writing music has been the only way for me to free myself from real life. It has been my only escape from reality.

It is the only way for me to disconnect from our world, both physically (social networks, human interaction) and mentally.

I never usually talk about this all to anyone since I write music for myself exclusively. It sounds a bit selfish, but I just enjoy the process of it all.

At some point in my life, I was even reluctant to the idea that people wanted to hear what I was doing, so I never shared any of my works to anybody. But I guess people might like what I do.

My most recent works

(oct. 04, 2020) Afraid Of You [3:33]

(mar. 22, 2020) Turtleless [3:56]

(dec. 27, 2019) Wounds [3:28]

(dec. 26, 2019) Me [3:40]

(dec. 25, 2019) Eltanin [3:22]

(dec. 24, 2019) Whales [3:44]

(dec. 23, 2019) You and I [3:44]

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